How can I update dataset when my source columns have changed

My data source has re-named a column to fix a spelling mistake, so now the dataset refresh in Quicksight fails because it can’t find the matching column. How do I edit the dataset import code so I can change what it is looking for from the data source?

I do not want to have to re-build established and complex analysis, as well as re-do all my calculated fields just because a capital “S” was changed to a lower-case “s”. This feature is available in Tableau and Power BI, even Excel Power Query. Where is it in Quicksight?

@ANT2077 - Thank you for posting your query. Is it a underlying database column? If yes, in that case I believe you can use the aliasing feature to accommodate the change.

For Example if your previous column name was STATUS
then your dataset source query was something like SELECT STATUS FROM Table. Now suppose your column name has changed to status. Then you can change your SQL to SELECT status as STATUS from TABLE to keep it same at the dataset query level. Let me know if this helps. Thank you!

where is the aliasing tool/feature where I can make these edits?

@ANT2077 - This is basically the Custom SQL interface that you get within QuickSight itself. Sharing a sample snapshot for Athena. Hope this helps!

Hi @ANT2077, Did Sagnik’s solution work for you? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!