How can I upload a new image in the assets folder?

Hi - I would like to use a different logo instead of the Quicksight logo in my dashboard. How can I upload a new logo in the assets and use that link in the Add custom content (Image) icon.?

Hi @debanjana - To put a custom pic in QuickSight, the picture must be accessible in public internet. See the link below - Using custom visual content - Amazon QuickSight

Regards - Sanjeeb


Thanks. I used this link but it did not render in Quicksight : What could be the reason for Quicksight not reading it?

Hi @debanjana - The image is public and should be render by QS. are you facing any error?

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Yes this is the error that I am getting.

@debanjana I have done this in the past. not sure why you getting this error.

Can you try removing space from the image name, and see if that works or not?

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Sorry could you please clarify which space from the image name?

I guess @neelay is talking about the spaces between “2023” and “AWS” and so on.

Did you try to use a image from the web instead of S3?

From the web its working; only S3 is not working.

Did you tried to rename the image in S3? Maybe just “logo5.png”.
Or save the image from web into S3.

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Hi @debanjana,
I believe it is the %2B (encoded +) that is getting in the way.
Try changing the filename to use _ instead of this + and try again with new link.

Arun Santhosh
Principal QuickSight SA