How can I view and compare usage data with 3 Dates in one axis

Hi I would like to view 3 product usage metrics in one graph in a time series line graph, e.g. product usage for A vs B vs C. each product has its own date fields, and by that I need to combine all dates in one field for me to plot it in one axis, is there a way I can do this via calculated field or in alternative way? Thanks

Hi @sharmagneo, you need to bring all three products usage data into one table. You can use the date field as the key to join the three tables, if the dates are sparse (meaning not all dates have data), then you need to think about aggregate each table to a higher granularity, such as week or month. In that case, you will have monthly usage data for each product, then you can join them together to get the line chart.

@emilyzhu Ok understand, but what if I also want to get the usage for daily? can I also view that on that manner? or this is only possible if there are available data for all dates?

You still can join by date, and depending on how sparse of your data, it may cause Nulls in the result table.