How can we achieve functionality of Filters on all pages of Power BI with the help of Parameter in Quicksight?

In my Quicksight Report I am using 6 different Athena Views as a dataset and all that views appended with the Add dataset functionality and I am using each view as a dataset for each sheet.
I am trying to migrate Power BI Report in Quicksight. In case of Power BI Report, they simply joined all this views together in Model because of that they can use any field from any of these 8 views and simply drag into filter on all page’s shelf and they can easily achieve this.
But in case of Quicksight I appended all this views and because of that I cannot be able to use fields from any of the required views instead of that I can be able to use field only from the view which is connected to that particular sheet.
So is it possible to achieve Filters on all pages like functionality in Quicksight with parameter?

Yes you can have filters be on all pages.

You would just set that field to be equal to the parameter you have selected. Parameters travel across all pages.

However, are you saying that some of these views might not have the same column?

In that case you’ll need to join them all to one view and filter on that one column.

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Hi @bhagyesh_patkar ,

Further to what Max said, the column names needn’t be same across datasets to filter using same parameter. You can filter different fields in different datasets based on same parameter as long as those fields have same cell values. If the table doesn’t have any column with the field value that you want to filter by, then you got to join it with another table in the dataset (or join datasets in a child dataset and use the child dataset in the analysis).

Marking Max’s response as solution to you question. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Arun Santhosh