How can you delete unused datasets from a dashboard?

As a relative newbie to QS, I’ve created a series of datasets, analyses and dashboards and have now replaced some of my original datasets behind the analyses by replacing the dataset with a new replacement - however this does not remove the old superceded dataset from the list of datasets. Equally I have added new datasets to be able to build new charts within the dashboard but have now hit an arbitrary limit of 1 dashboard now having more than 50 datasets.

Is there a way to remove the unwanted datasets from 1 dashboard without deleting the dataset entirely as they may be used in other dashboards?

You can remove datasets from the analysis and then publish the analysis as a dashboard.

Hi @david_monks ,
Thanks for your query yes this things happend for everyone who are new to QuckSight for this you have to manually delete the unwanted datasets which is not used currently for that you need to check the name of your datasets so that it will help you to remove the unused datasets and also you can sort the datasets so that you can have a view of the lateset used datasets so simply you can keep the latest datasets and remove the old datasets.

and for delete the datasets as replied by @Max please follow the steps.

One of the solution you can do using boto3 QuickSight API. This way lots of manual delete can be avoided. Please see the below link for boto3 quicksight API if you want to do the deletion programatically.

Link -

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