How do I add these controls in the form of row values in the pivot table as shown in the figure? Also, how do I add the difference of these control values as row values e.g A vs B, as in the figure?

You would use parameters to change the row names.

Hello Max.

  1. Are these multivalue parameters?
  2. The dataset has a field named “plan-version” and it has several different values and I want to add this field as different controls named “scenario 1”, “scenario 2” as show in the image. I tried adding it as different controls using parameter named Scenario1, 2, etc. and and then adding them as controls. But when I select different plans in these controls it shows “no data available”. It may be a conflict. Can you help me on this?

Hi @saurmiz

  1. Some are multivalue. You can use both.
  2. This would be affected based on your filters. Make sure that the field your filter and have linked to your parameter will have the parameter values.

For the 2nd point Max, I could not understand it clearly.
I created a parameter for the field “plan version” and linked it to the filter that I created for the same field. Then I added a control named “Scenario 1” for that parameter.
Now, should I repeat the same and create new parameters for “Scenario 2”, “Scenario 3”, etc.?

Yes you can, however, if you add Scenario 1, 2, and 3 and link all of them to the same field then it will show no data because you are asking it to be two different values with an and condition. You’re saying it should be x and y. That will never be the case.

If you want an or condition you can do that.

Okay. So, how can I do that then? As I have to create all scenarios linked to the same field.

You would go to your first filter that it’s linked to and add an or condition to do the others as well.