How do I allow a user access to a dataset that is signed in with a cross account

Previously I was able to add IAMROLENAME/QuicksightName to my RLS data set to be able to view all the data:

UserName, Partition

This worked on older dashboards, however, since new dashboards have the v2 RLS setting, this no longer works. When I log into AWS with a cross-account role, how can I view a dataset secured with RLS in my analysis?

Hello @Mark-Hayward, I am wondering if the permissions for the dashboards that were created with the v2 RLS setting are different. Maybe your IAM policies or policies for those dashboards need to be updated to allow IAM Role users to view them. Here is some documentation regarding IAM role access with QuickSight to help you debug this issue.

Hello @Mark-Hayward, are you still trying to resolve this RLS issue in your QuickSight account? Did my response help guide you towards a solution? If not, please follow-up with any additional information you have found during your debugging process and we can figure out a solution.

In regards to this issue it may also be helpful to submit a ticket to AWS Customer support team to help you for your usecase and problem statement. To raise the request, please follow the below link
Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

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