How do I attach links to the cells of a pivot table based on a condition?

In my example, the pivot table shows the count of stores by city and country. The colour formatting of the cell represents the average of all the prices in that location.

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Hi @ShayShay -

Racking my brain here but not quite sure this is possible in one step.

One recommendation might be to do a 2 step process.

1- On your initial pivot - create an action to navigate to another sheet. the action will pass through the the column/row as parameters to the 2nd chart.
2- second pivot/sheet includes all URL’s with the rank function to highlight or just display a row for that URL. From that pivot create an action to take yo
u to that URL.

Still thinking if there is a more streamlined way i could do this. where is the data originally stored? could we write sql against it?

Ramon Lopez

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The data is a csv, but there are two tabs on the dashboard. One with the table (with links), and the main tab contains the pivot table.

I’ve done this in tableau before, but the feature is yet to be available in Quicksight. Soon hopefully!

But thank you so much! I find that the solution you provided is a great replacement for what I wanted.