How do I change data type of calculated field in analysis?

I need to create a calculated field on a geospatial data type field in-Analysis. How do I make the in-analysis calculated field geospatial?

Hi @Ben_Berliner,

In your dataset you can create your calculated field and then change the datatype to geospatial. Here is some additional information on changing data types in QuickSight.

Hi @Peter thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it does not resolve my question. I am referring strictly to calculated fields created from within an Analysis. In this environment, there is no option to change the data type to geospatial.
Is there perhaps something I can do with calculated field code such as “CAST” or “CONVERT”?


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Hi @Ben_Berliner currently there is no way to convert a calculated field created in an Analysis into a geographic field. You would need to do it in the Data Set itself.

I will mark your post as a feature request and our PM team will evaluate it for a future release.


Thanks @Jesse!

@Ben_Berliner what is your use case for only being able to create this calculated field in an analysis and not being able to create the same calculated field in the dataset? Is it an issue of you not having permission to edit the dataset?

@Peter , we’re working with a large dataset and would prefer not to need to add additional fields to it. Adding a new calculated field to the dataset requires the refreshing of the entire dataset, which is resource and time intensive.
This is a specific use case just for this particular Analysis so ideally we would much prefer to create the calculated field in-Analysis.