How do I copy analysis tab to another analysis

I have several Analysis with various Tabs that include charts on specific topics.
I would like to create a new Analysis that includes specific Tabs from different existing Analysis.

How do I copy (duplicate) an analysis tab in to another analysis?

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Hi @Nadav_Kavalerchik
Currently you will not be able to copy a sheet from one analysis to another or combine analysis from multiple tabs.

We have a feature called “Assets as Code” in roadmap, that will let you do this programmatically.



You can copy the source analysis and modify as per your requirement until any work around

Hi @n_vetri ,
Looking forward to use “Asses as Code”, as it will also help us with another major issue, when we need to duplicate a Sheet and make minor changes in one of the settings.
Is there any ETA on this? can we join any beta testing group?

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

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Hi @Naveed ,

Yes. this is what we currently do.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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