How do i exclude integer fields or filter on the fly as a control for Users on a dashboard?

On some of my user’s dashboard visuals I have 3 or 4 fields, if they only want to see 2 fields for analysis. How do I give them this control?

you can hide it if not required :slight_smile:

Hi Naveed,
I want to give my users control of what fields they see in their visuals for analysis. Are you saying my Users can hide the fields they don’t want to see? how is this achieved?


i solved this with the free form mode.

With a parameter and a dropdown control the users can choose how many columns they want so see.

You create a visual for each option and hide everything by default ( rules in the visual settings)

Then you create a rule in each visual, that if the parameter has a specific value, you show the corresponding visual.

After setting everything up, you have to place the visuals over each other. This way, for the user it looks like that there is only one visual that changes with the parameter.

This way I created a complete individual table where the users can choose tables from 1x1, 1x2,2x3… to 5x5 (dimension x metric) and choose what columns they want to see.


Thanks @thomask ! That works I had no idea those Rules even existed. :grinning:

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Thanks @thomask. I placed the visuals over each other. But when I select the item in the drop down it shows only the visual which is on top. How do I solve this?


you have to hide every visual and then add the rule in each visual, that the visual is shown, if the parameter has the specific value

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