How do i highlight or filter data by changes in a certain attribute

I am working on monthly entities spend and have a certain attribute i would like to track and highlight when changes occured?
I was able to create a pivot table showing for each entity the current month’s attribute value and would like to see a list of entities which this value was changed month by month.
One option i could think about was to filter by aggregated value, similar to ‘HAving’ in SQL. but i didn’t find this option available.
Another feature i thought of using is the ‘add table calculation—> Difference’ but i didn’t see an option to filter by the calculated value or even sort by it.
Will love to hear other thoughts and ideas.

Hi @tal - Welcome to the community.
Yes, you can use “add table calculation → Difference” option and then use “conditional formatting” to highlight the rows that has differences as shown in screenshot. Does this answer your question?

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Yes. That’s great. thank you.
Is there also a way to filter or sort the data based on this table calculation.
For example, if i would like to handle all my ‘Red Flags’ it will make it easier to see them separate.

Hi @tal - Yes, you can approach that requirement by using a calculated field. For example, a calculated field with formula - “periodOverPeriodDifference(sum(Sales),{Order Date})” will identify the difference in the attribute across the period. Then you can use this calculated field in a filter to choose only values that are less than 0 as shown in screenshot below.

ok. thank you. so there is no way filtering by the table calculation and therefore i will need to add a calculated field.