How do I join 1 dataset to two different datasets

Hello! In PowerBI it’s much cleared how to connect 1 data set to 2,3,4,etc. other data sets. It seems that in Quicksight it’s 1 dataset to 1 dataset. Any idea how I can join 1 dataset to more than 1 other data set?

I can’t exactly post what I’m trying to do here, but maybe someone internal to Amazon can possibly host a chime meeting and I can share my screen that way?

Hi Ryana,

Can you elaborate more what you intend to do by joining datasets.

(1) While creating dataset (in data preparation) you can join multiple tables (table1 * table2 * table3) and create a combined dataset as mentioned in screenshots in step 5 of below link.

(2) You can also join tables across data sources as mentioned in below blog:

With cross data source joins, you can join across all data sources supported by Amazon QuickSight, including file-to-file, file-to-database, and database-to-database joins using the built-in drag-and-drop UI

(3) You can also write custom SQL in data preparation to write joins over multiple tables as shown in screenshot below.

Above reply provides all details needed to join data from multiple tables in a dataset. In case you want to join datasets that are already created in QuickSight, you can do that within a child dataset. Details can be found at Creating a dataset using an existing dataset in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight. Marking Anwar’s response as solution now. Please let us know in case you are still having issues with your task.


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Hi Anwar, I have another related question.

Similar to the 2nd link, I want to join datasets from different data sources.
I am trying to create a full join between 3 datasets. How to do this?
If I do A – B and B – C, this creates duplicate rows where B’s key is null but A and C have same key.
If I do A – B and A – C, I will get duplicates where A is not there but B and C have same key.