How do I make my line graph cumulative?

I want to show the graph with the count of a specific item (for ex. candy) over time. Now number of candy is sold and added as per the requests. I have a sold_timestamp column in my I only want to display the number of candies added over time. So if I put timestamp on x-axis and count of candy on y-axis, then my line chart will be created rise and fall at different times. Instead I want a graph that can only show me the candies accumulated at given time (which means that the graph should only show the rise in number of candies) and not the real-time count of candy at given time.
I saw that there are new cumulative period functions added, but I am not sure how to use them for my particular case.

Thanks in advance.

I think the runningCount function would likely do the trick here. runningCount - Amazon QuickSight

[date ASC]

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