How do I present a particular field data with distinct count?

Hi team,
I need you help, In the attached picture I want all the table data separately on the basics of job status by using Distinct Count of job name so any idea how can I do this?
Distinct Count On the Basics of Field Data

Hi @Biswajit_1993 , can you elaborate your request? Do you want distinct count of job name for each job status? Seems the screenshot has already provided what you need?

Yes @emilyzhu like I want a separate columns for all the job_status field data by using calculated field.
e.g.- For null-85 —> Separate Null Column
For failed-5 —> Separate failed Column
For skipped-41 —> Separate skipped Column
For success-1426—> Separate success Column
For upstrem_failed-65 —> Separate upstream_failed Column