How do I prevent triggering a data refresh if I add a new custom field

Looks like any change to the dataset (e.g. update an existing calculated field, add a new field etc) is triggering a whole data set refresh (and the dashboard is inaccessible during that time). Is there a way to prevent data refresh when I add a new field or at least make sure the current dashboards are unaffected ?


Quicksight Team introduced new features ‚ÄúDataset versioning‚ÄĚ recently. You need to create new data and replace it with your old dataset.

after that when your refreshers start it will not impact on your dashboard because refresh done on other version. As refresh done new version will be set with you new dashboard internal.

End user will not see any issue on when your refresh is running.

for replacing data set , this may help you. :slight_smile:

Naveed Ali


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