How do I show a list of ungrouped data?

I want to show this data as ungrouped (not aggregated). I can’t figure out how to do this. The screenshot below is showing the aggregated scores, but the user wants to see the list of all individual scores, not the summary.

It would be ok if Quarter was grouped, and even Reviewer could be grouped. But after that I want the individual records to show. For example from the first row, Alma Carlin may have 10 rows for Debra Stulberg in 23-Q2, and we want to see the scores for all 10 rows, not the average score that is showing here.


Hello @CoreyLeichty I have a few questions about the value you are pulling into the table display to better assist you in finding a solution to the above problem.

  • Where is the Score value coming from? Is it a calculated field or a value returning from the dataset created in QuickSight?
  • If this is a calculated field, would you be able to send the logic you are using so we can try to debug the calculation? I am imagining you are going to need a Level Aware calculation that includes the PRE_AGG tag if you do not want the scores to be aggregated.

Here is a link to the Level Aware Calculations documentation for QuickSight to help give you some guidance on finding a solution.

Thanks for your reply. Score is just a value coming straight from the dataset. No calculation. I just want to show a flat table of data straight from the dataset. No groupings or aggregations needed.

Okay, I understand the issue. You need a value like a unique ID or a date on each row that would ensure all of the rows for each user will display even if it is in the same quarter period. You can even hide the field from the table if you don’t want to see it but it will make sure it isn’t aggregated for each user and showing an average.

@CoreyLeichty If this is a flat table visual, you can try to put all 4 fields in the Value field well.