How do I upload an image/GIF from my computer to a narrative in an analysis?

I’m trying to upload a GIF from my computer to my narrative. I’ve tried to get a URL for it, but when I use that URL, I see a small image icon, size 16xNan, and I cannot seem to stretch it out. Is there any other way?

Currently there is no way to upload an Image or a GIF on a QuickSight dashboard. Rendering an Image via an URL is the only available option. If you are not happy with the resizing options on narrative analysis, you can try out custom visual content with bunch of sizing options. Using custom visual content in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

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The problem is that resizing is not working. When I upload that image through its URL, I only see a small icon sized 16xNaN, and no matter how much I try I can’t drag and resize it

I see this even if I try to upload using custom visual content-