How does SPICE handle deleted records in case of Incremental Refresh

I want to understand how does SPICE handle deleted records from data source when doing incremental updates? Does it delete records if not found in source or does not have support for delete as of now which means only soft-delete needs to be done in source and not hard delete as ‘date’ column is always required to query last checkpoint


Incremental refresh get the max point in his dataset and compare it with the source (DB/File etc)
if some new transaction identified, it append as new records not performed as merging.

rest of the max point data already in SPICE never changed until we perform complete refresh.

in case of complete refresh all the existing data delete from SPICE and reload all the data as new.

No delete handler in QS spice, its just delete the old and upload the new data.

I tried to explain :slight_smile:

Naveed Ali