How Grouping from Multiple Column on Pie Chart


I have issue when build a visual with pie chart, i need to add some data / column on pie chart but and showing the legend base on column.


and i want to creating pie chart like below from above table data



here is the table sample as you want to do see at the bottom right table visual

Finally after conversion it to PIE chart




case is different, i need to create pie chart and showing value A, B, C as a legend

You can’t add multiple columns to a pie chart.

Do have access to edit it via sql? If you do, then you can transform the columns into rows and be able to do it from there.

You can do it another way by using a horizontal stacked bar or by using a horizontal 100% stacked bar, ideally, you should take 100% as the target value for 100% stacked bars.
that is the only way you can use it…