How many sessions per reader at a time - Need advise!

Hi Team - Is there any upper limit for a reader to connect/AWS Quicksight dashboards in parallel. Is it possible if a reader can open 100 different analysis /dashboards in new tabs. Any upper limit for the same. Please advise.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello Sanjeeb,

I am not sure about the upper limit and what context you are referring to. A reader can have many dashboards/analysis opened in multiple tabs but reader can/will work(action) on only one tab at any given time and that will only count as active session. Other tabs may be there but inactive session unless some action is performed.

A Reader session starts with user-initiated action (for example, login, dashboard load, page refresh, drill-down, or filtering) and runs for the next 30 minutes. Keeping QuickSight open in a background browser window/tab does not result in active sessions until the Reader initiates action on page.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Deep - Thanks for the info. For an example, if we can create a reader account and using QuickSight API’s and boto3 and will try to run many concurrent sessions to access same dashboard with parameter filter and getting some details around it. I am exploring is there any upper limit of concurrent sessions for an end user or not. And also as a single reader, I can access QS multiple tabs and incognito session as well and see things in parallel. So if there is NO limit, that’s cool.

Regards - Sanjeeb