How QuickSight Q charges for no. of questions?

Can anyone explain how QuickSight Q charges for no. of questions ?

I have doubt whether it stars counting the # of questions when I am trying creating topic and asking questions in Q and then verifying them or else it counts for the questions asked in the dashboard only (after topic creation is done) ?
I can see below usages in my topic page

Here I have 12 topics (including dummy topics for testing Q) and the usage shows total 629 questions.

Also here is the detail for one of the topic:

I am not sure on what basis it will cost (only for answerable ?), I want to understand it better.

Hello Vaibhav,

With QuickSight Q, Readers can explore topics shared with them by simply asking questions. QuickSight offers two Reader pricing models: User pricing and Capacity pricing.

Capacity pricing allows QuickSight customers to purchase Reader sessions or QuickSight Q questions in bulk, without having to provision individual Readers in QuickSight.

  • Author with QuickSight Q----------$34/month (month-2-month) or $28/month (Annual Commitment)
  • Reader without Q--------------------$0.30/session up to $5 max/month
  • Reader with QuickSight Q ---------- $0.30/session up to $10 max/month

QuickSight Q monthly base fee — $250/month

QuickSight Q user-based pricing includes three main components:

  1. $10 add-on price per month for all Authors in the account.
  2. Reader session monthly cap of up to $10 per month (from $5 per month without QuickSight Q.
  3. $250 per month base fee to enable QuickSight Q for the account.

f you are using capacity-based pricing for sessions, you can continue to purchase question capacities for QuickSight Q.
Author monthly add-on fee and monthly base fee applies.

So basically my understanding is its not based on no. of questions but sessions as per (user based and/or capacity based.

hope this helps. Fore more info see - Business Intelligence Service – Amazon QuickSight Pricing – AWS

Thank you.

Thanks for the response @Deep.
Cleared to me now.

Is there a way I can try this out for free?