How to add a control to search for terms in my text field?

I am trying to create a calculated field to search for terms in the description using a parameter (called “Search” which is linked to a control) and return a “Yes” if they are present and “No” if they are not.

I get an error that the syntax for the “contains” function is wrong. The following is how my formula looks:
" ifelse(contains({description},${Search}),“Yes”,“No”) "

Can someone explain where I am going wrong ?


ifelse(contains({description},${Search},CASE_INSENSITIVE ) OR
IsNull(${Search}) ,“Yes”,“No”)

I achieved something similar with this code. I added the option CASE_INSENSITIVE to the contains function and another condition that you get a “Yes”, if there is nothing in the control.



Hi @Shashwat Did Thomas’ feedback help? We hope so. If it did, can you help the community out by marking his reply as “Solution” (check box under Thomas’ comment)? Thanks!

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This works Thomas. Thanks a bunch!