How to add a custom Tooltip that shows 'multiple values' as well when chosen to display UNIQUE VALUES

I am trying to add a dimension to the tooltip of the filled map and unable to display multiple values. Is there a way around?

Hi, Can you please confirm if you would like to see the actual values for the chosen field or do you want to customize and show ‘multiple values’ instead of ‘*’ ?

Hi, I would like to show actual values of the chosen field. Field is a dimension.

Let’s say you have “State” and “City” dimensions.
Currently, in QuickSight, it is not possible to show the full list of cities in a tooltip if the chart is aggregated at the “State” level.

Current workaround: If you want to be able to see the full list of cities, you can show it in a separate chart. To filter cities to a specific state, you can define a custom action that is triggered on the selection change in the states chart.

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