How to add a dimension and a data label to a filled map?

I am trying to add city colors based on the zip distribution on the map but it only lets me add a measure. Is there a way around?

Also, can I add data labels to a filled map for each zip?

Hi, Currently we do not support adding data labels to filled map.
For color based on a dimension in filled map we support count and distinct count as the aggregation. We do not have an option yet to color filled maps based on dimensional values itself.

We will pass on these feature requests to the appropriate team. Thank you

Hi @Karthik_Tharmarajan and @lillie

Thanks for the reply here!! To be clear firstly, part of the problem here is putting data label on in the filled map right?

If this is the correct then this is not the first features which are not present in this tool! I am a regular Tableau user and was firstly dead disappointed to use this tool. They have tend to make the tool overly complicated when the goal is to completely try and offer the same product as Tableau (or any other Dashboarding tool) which still wins over this. Features like adding icons with simple drag and drop, adding data labels to maps, overcomplicated ifelse functions syntaxes, no error details in the calculated fields and providing prompts and much more are not present in this tool!! Which makes this tool a complete #NOGO. The worst part is a company like AWS could not cover all bases to at least provide video tutorials for every documentation it has!! Not everyone understands by reading boring long documents, some people understand better when it is visually shown with a live example!! Please consider this as a suggestion, feedback and area of improvement and would appreciate if this was passed on to the feature team!! Apart from me there must be many people here who were not able to do many things on this tool because of unavailability of extensive feature.

@mistryamit03 Thank you for the feedback! We are constantly iterating on features, training experiences and more, and your input helps us ensure that we are building the right experiences for customers.