How to add a tooltip which displays simple text on visual while hovering

Hi Team
I have got 2 questions.

  1. How to display a text on mouse hover on the visual. The tooltip actually shows the aggregated values of the fields chosen, this is fine but we want to display a generic text whenever the mouse in on the entire visual.
    Is it possible to add an icon with the title on visual and hovering on that icon displays the text tooltip? Like this - on the add action tab

  2. We have added a sheet as help center which would contain a text field. I want to show some button on each existing sheet and clicking on that opens the help center sheet. What sort of visual I create to achieve this?

Hi @Sam1

  1. You cant create tooltip with free text. You could use a text visual and something like a button (same as your 2. but just in the same sheet) or checkbox to show the text visual.

  2. Could use a custom visual as picture.


Thanks, Re 1. Creating a text visual would be permanent and the tool tip wouldn’t come only on mouse hover. Right?

Hi @Sam1
if you only use a text visual without additional functions, yes.
But what i meant is a rule based text visual. Which you can show/hide.
Pretty much like

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