How to add a value to multiple Groups/Buckets

I recently managed to group my currency pairs in groups using the following calculated field formula
ifelse({CurrencyPair}= ‘EURAUD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCAD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCHF’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURDKK’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURGBP’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURHKD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURJPY’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURSGD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURUSD’, ‘Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURINR’, ‘Non Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURMXN’, ‘Non Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURKRW’, ‘Non Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURBRL’, ‘Non Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURTWD’, ‘Non Developed’,
{CurrencyPair}= ‘EURCNH’, ‘Non Developed’,
so I can then create a parameter and filter by group.
Is not clear to me how to implement when the same currency pair let say EURAUD is part of multiple groups (Es. Developed and G3). so I can have more group filters some containing same values.

Any help welcome.
Thank you.

Hi @Dom,

In your scenario, to allow records to be associated to multiple groups/buckets, you would need to take a different approach and duplicate records that are associated to more than one group.

Step 1: To do in QuickSight, you can create a simple new dataset with the currency and group pairs (If the same currency has two groups, it will be represented by two records).

Step 2: Start from your original dataset and apply a left join (read how here) with your new currency pairs dataset in step 1. This step will duplicate the records and assign the groups by your requirement.

Step 3: Remove the existing calculated field. You will not need it anymore. The group will be expanded automatically in step 2.

I hope it helps.

Hi, @Dom. Did @Gil_Raviv’s solution work for you? I am marking their reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!