How to add addtional filter show as period

My data already have date filter can select the date range, but i want to add a “period” filter that can show the date range data by year, quarter, month or week like attached picture. But i did not found the way, does anyone know that? can share some experience? Thanks.

this picture is i saw from other team.

@Chloe5 data grouping is part of the visual configuration and is currently not changeable at the runtime like filters. However, you might be able to do that with an ugly workaround by using conditional rules to hide and show the visual based on certain conditions.

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Hello @Chloe5, Another option could be to use the values from the control dropdown to decide the value returned from an ifelse statement in a calculated field, and use that instead of your regular date field. It would look like this:

${DATEPERIOD} = 'Month', truncDate('MM', {Date}),
${DATEPERIOD} = 'Year', truncDate('YYYY', {Date}),
${DATEPERIOD} = 'Quarter', truncDate('Q', {Date}),
${DATEPERIOD} = 'Week', truncDate('WK', {Date}),
${DATEPERIOD} = 'Day', truncDate('DD', {Date}),
{Order Date}

You could also leave the filter element in any of your visuals that include a date field so that the user could click the dropdown and select the date period they want to show in the visual.

Hello @Chloe5, did my response help you resolve your issue in QuickSight? If so I can mark it as a solution!