How to add data labels with primary values, instead of the logarithmic value

I am creating a dashboard that has vastly variating data and would like to include data labels. The issue i am running into is, i would like the label to represent the primary value/original value, not the logarithmic value. I am using a logarithmic format do to the vast variance. Is this possible to do while still using the logarithmic option for my bar chart? Say the value should be 2, it is showing in the data label as .02k and i would like to show as 2.


Thank you for reaching out. I just tried reproducing this issue with a line chart and the labels stay in the non-log format. Are you using a different chart type or can you provide us some additional information so we can try to reproduce the issue?


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Screenshot please? Thanks

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I ended up resolving this issue, i had to go into the field wells → Format → More formatting options and change the units from here to reflect the full number instead of the number to the thousandths.

Thanks for all the responses here!