How to add dynamic values in a text box

Is it possible to calculate Dynamically values in the text box and display them in quick sight?
if I calculate the SUM (variable A) / SUM (variable B) in the text box, the result is displayed in a table.

Hello @suresh1 - I don’t think Text Box currently gives you option to embed calculation. You can include parameter names over there. Can you please try the “Add insight” option and try to embed the calculated field over there to see if it works for you. Thank you!

Thanks @sagmukhe ,
I need it in insights only, can you please send any examples?

Hello @suresh1 - Here you go! Hope this helps!

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Hi @sagmukhe. The above does not seem to work for me. I want to insert a calculated field as shown in the attachment. How do I find the object name in ObjectName.CPImpact.formattedValue?