How to add in a pie chart multiple calculated fields?

i have a dataset which is a json
The json has 2 fields. A date and a question.
I added new calculation fields to figure out how many times a group of string appears
This is one of the calculated fields (example)
contains({question}, " k8s ", CASE_INSENSITIVE) OR
contains({question}, " kubernetes ", CASE_INSENSITIVE) OR
contains({question}, " helm ", CASE_INSENSITIVE)
There are several more calculated fields similar to the above for other keywords.
This returns a new calculated field with 1 or 0 if there is a match

Now i want to create a pie chart that brings together all the data and see what percentage of questions correspond to each calculated field out of all the questions in total.
How do i do that?
I can’t see to calculate all the 1s in the new calculated field nor add them in a pie chart anyway as it only takes one field?

Thanks :pray:

@cpal - I believe you should create one calculated field and designate each of these criteria some identifier. Once that is done, you should be able to create your Pie Chart using that field. I have tried to replicate this scenario with an example dataset. Please see below:

Step 1: Create a calculated field

Step 2: Project that field in Pie Chart

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion @sagmukhe . It worked like a charm. I think i was trying to overcomplicate things

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Thanks @sagmukhe! Glad you got your answer @cpal!

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