How to add parameter to paginated report?

Can you add parameters to paginated reports ? I can’t see how?
The user guide for normal dashboards explains how using parameter, control and filter but in the paginated report tool there is no option for adding a control so how do you apply a parameter to the page ?

Paginated Reports supports Parameters with Filter and Calculated Fields. And you can setup these parameters as you would in Dashboard today. What is currently not supported is the use of Parameters with Controls and Custom Actions.

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Thanks for the reply. So what I want to do, is have a control (parameter) at the top of the page so user can select eg STATUS=OPEN and then this applies as a filter to the status field as the report runs.
I can’t see how to add a parameter the user can choose at runtime ? Is this correct ?

You are correct, Parameter - Controls is not supported with Paginated Reports at this point but a Feature Request that we are tracking.