How to add user?

I want to Invite users just with email to see my quicksight dashboard as a reader but when I click Invite Users button and add the email the Invite button is not active. Basically, how can I add someone from outside company.?
Thank you.

Hi Aaron,

When signing up to QuickSight there is an option to disable QuickSight manged users. It could be that this was disabled when your QuickSight instance was setup.

If you’re company is using some form of SSO then the external user would need to login via that route.

Hi Robkc,

So you are saying after signing up there is no way to enable QS managed users?

Hi Aaron,

Yes, after signing up there is no way to enable QuickSight managed users. You will have to unsubscribe and subscribe again with the option to also provision QuickSight managed users.