How to allow only single selection in the Control?

In the drop-down list of control, I’d like to enable single selection only (eg. select one country at a time) and disable multiple selection (eg. unable to select two countries).

Hi @zhangjiy
When you create the parameter, you have an option to use a Single value or Multiple values. If you choose Single value then your control will only allow selecting one value at a time. I you choose Multiple values then you will have a multi-select dropdown. If you are finding the option to select multiple values then you will have set that at the parameter level. This cannot be changed after parameter creation so you would need to remove that parameter and recreate it as single value.
In addition, if you want to disable the ‘select all’ option in your dropdown you need to enter a Static default value for your parameter, and then choose the “Hide select all option” in the control.


Thank you for the prompt reply! It’s been super helpful!


Hello Steph,
Pretty New to Quicksight.
I have a quick question: what is the format of entering the values in a “multiple value parameters” setup?
Will the values be entered separated by commas, quotes, spaces etc?
I have tried entered the values but my SQL code always errors out when entering multiples and only works when I enter just one value.
Thanks for your help