How to archive an outdated dashboard

Hello, I’m new to QS and would like to know if an outdated dashboard can be moved from Dashboards (main folder) to My folders/OLD_Dashboards/One_Year, and the outdated dashboard will no longer be in the Dashboards (main folder). Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hi @dmqs

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QuickSight allows to keep the same asset in multiple folders by creating reference than actually copying content to every folder. We wont be able to delete from Console /Dashboards section rather add dashboard to archive folder and remove dashboard reference from shared folder so that readers wont be able to see it . Please don’t delete the dashboard since it will permanently remove it from account.

Please follow this blog to know more about how to organize folders & Assets in QuickSight


Thank you very much for the insights, Vinod! Danielle