How to arrive week on week % growth over previous week

Hi all,

Trying to arrive % growth over previous week % achd, couldn’t able to get through . can any help me in getting the support.

sample snapshot

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Hi @sbaskax - you can use the period over period function as highlighted in the documentation below:

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Hi @SD_QS ,

I am looking to arrive WOW % growth over previous week’s % achd (calculated field)
I couldn’t able to use Period over period computation. may i know how to overcome

@sbaskax please see the attached screenshot. In the example, Profit% is a calculated column: sum(Profit)/sum(Sales) and “PoP Change in Profit%” is WOW% change using the following formula: periodOverPeriodPercentDifference({Profit%}, {Order Date})

I hope this works for you. Do let us know if you’re facing any particular issue.

@SD_QS ,

I tried as your suggestion , but i am getting syntax error. in my dataset column week is in integer. i assume this could be the issue.

@sbaskax yes please use a column of Date type and see if the issue persists

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@SD_QS ,

My dataset don’t have date column,for some other calculation/visualization iam maintaining week in integer datatype…

any suggestion to overcome in this datatype itself

@sbaskax You would need to cast it to a datetime.

Is the integer unixtime?

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Hi @sbaskax

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