How to assign different user view different data access?

hi, want to learn about how to set data access, so that each user when they login the dashboard, they could only view the data under their access? super thanks!

you can use a combination of these features to achieve data-level security

First of all thanks for your reply.
I tried to follow the guidance, using ‘UserArn’ and ‘segment’ as the key to map my dataset. And in my dataset, there is a column named ‘segment’. But it doesn’t work and showed " This permissions dataset has conflicting key column formats. You can use either names (UserName, GroupName) or ARNs (UserArn, GroupArn) in key columns, but not both in the same permissions dataset."
Not sure if I put wrong column name. Have you met similar issues?

@xxzhang Nope. I actually prefer to manage access and permission at the native app level.
Which gives more flexibility and also not to mess with data to manage permissions.

So embed the QS dashboard according to the native app based on the current user role & permission.

thanks so much!
The issues was resolved as I updated the column name, ensure it matched the dataset rule column name. Thanks a lot!

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