How to automate QS dashboard creation?

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I have a requirement to automate QS dashboard creation programmatically. We need to create a template before we create the analysis or dashboard. However to create template we need an analysis. Looks like there is a new feature to create a template using Definitions. However i am looking for a sample code as the code given here class CfnDashboard (construct) · AWS CDK
class CfnAnalysis (construct) · AWS CDK is huge and it is confusing. Has anyone automated the dashbaord creation?

I would look at this blog post.

These apis allow you to create analysis from JSON.

Depending on what you are looking for you could create an analysis first, then describe it, and use that as a basis for all new analysis.

You will need to modify a bit of the JSON after describing it, but it’s not too much. It’s described a bit in the blog.

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I finished automating the Dashboard generation in my project using CDK, Codepipeline. I released a lot of code about this in my github repo GitHub - gmournos/quicksight-as-code: QuickSight artifacts with CDK, CodePipeline, CLI scripts and published an article about this to help others who try to automate (AWS QuickSight as “Code”; a unified approach for QuickSight development and deployment, using AWS CDK, CLI, and CodePipeline | by Gmournos | Jun, 2023 | Medium).

I hope this helps the community

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this @Georgios_Mournos!