How to calculate in quicksight

I have these columns, I used sum(Calculation result, [Area])

I got target value, Base value and amount of emission( dynamically)

from this I need to calculate achievement rate using the below formula how to get that

Hello @Praveen - Just to understand it better you have different Area names and their corresponding Calculation Result Values to determine the Amount of Emission, Target Value and Base Value? Something like

When Area = ‘Actual’ that means the corresponding Calculation Result will denote Base Value etc. Please let me know so that it helps to better understand the problem. Thank you!

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yes what you understood is correct,
In Area column , I have actual, base value and Traget value for that 4093,5000 and 2500 are the respective values which I got through sum(Calculation result, [Area]).
Now with this values I need to calculate Achievement rate in calculated filed of Quicksight,
using the above mentioned formula

In which format I need to give the formula in calculated filed of quicksight

Is it possible to calculate the achievement rate in the insight visual.

@Praveen - The Calculated field that you created is a single field and it doesn’t allow you to distinguish these different attributes e.g. Amount of Emissions, Base Value, Target Value etc.

You need to create calculated fields using the sumif construct. Something Like below:

Actual = sumif({Calculation Result}, Area = ‘Actual’)
Base = sumif({Calculation Result}, Area = ‘Base’)
Target = sumif({Calculation Result}, Area = ‘Target’)

Once you have these, you can use them in your calculation. Hope this helps! Let me know if this solves your problem.

@Praveen - Yes, it is definitely possible.

Please instruct me who to calculate in insight visual

@Praveen - AS mentioned in my earlier post, first create those Actual, Base and Target calculated fields. Then utilizing the same create a new calculated field named achievement rate using your logic. Once that field is done, you can use that in Insight. I have already responded to a similar thread highlighting how to use such calculated field in Insight. Please refer the link below:

@sagmukhe Thanks a lot for your help, I got desired result

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@Praveen - Thank you for the confirmation. Can you please mark the relevant post as “Solution”. This will help the community to find guidance and answers to similar question. Thank you!

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