How to calculate the values while applying filters in quicksight

Please help me in achieving the above scenario in Quicksight

Please write down a formula how to calculate

value of a column/sum of all values in a column (dynamically)

Hi Praveen, I don’t think there’s a way to dynamically achieve this using a calculation. I was thinking of using parameters, however, a calculated field can’t reference a multi-value parameter. Can you try to split column 1 into two separate tables, join them to the main table, and use the new tables to drive the filtering. You might need to create two table visuals to achieve this.

Thankyou Imran for your explanation

One more question is

Is the below scenario achievable dynamically?

value of a column/sum of all values in a column (dynamically)

You’re welcome. Can you please describe what you mean by dynamically? You can use parameters in calculated fields. Here’s an example: Using calculated fields with parameters in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight