How to calculate the WOW and MOM only for the most recent two periods and make it is a column

Similar to this example,
1.Instead of calculating the wow/mom for each period, I only want to calculate it for the most recent two weeks/ or Months.
2. have WOW / MOM as the last column in the table.

Hey haungsn,

1.You can filter to the top two weeks/Months. Here is an example of a filter that would do that.

  1. In regards to having the last column be week over week, it will look like this with only two weeks / months selected. The one difference is that you will have an extra column on the first week. Unfortunately, that is the closest you can get (totals will not display for WoW or MoM).

In this example you can either do it how I have with a table calculation or your own periodOverPeriodPercentDifference calculation as the second value.

Let me know if that helps!

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Hi, @huangsn. Did Max’s solution work for you? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks!

I have the same question, but this solution does not meet my need, I don’t want to display these thing separately. I want it to be exactly like the one in huangsn’s eample. I want to have WoW in the last column along with all others week. periodOverPeriodPercentDifference only works for 1 single variables, but I have several variables.

Unfortunately the formatting is only available in this way.

Can you explain more about your several variables? How do you want your period Over period percent difference to work?