How to change string field into decimal data type with out loosing the number of decimal points and with out getting scientific notations?

Hi All,
When I try to change the data type from string to decimal, it truncated to only zero’s or it converts to scientific notations as shown in the image below.
This is part of the query that I am using :
WHEN “assumed mode” = ‘FTL’
THEN Cast(Cast((units * shipmentcount * “est. miles” * Carbon_emision * 0.001 * (item_weight0.0005/extendedweight_tons)) As decimal(10,8))AS VARCHAR(8))
else Cast(Cast((units * shipmentcount * “est. miles” * Carbon_emision * 0.001 * item_weight
0.0005) As decimal(10,8)) AS VARCHAR(8))
end as CF


When I change the data type to Decimal I am getting this output

Hi @Goitom_Mehari ,

Currently QuickSight supports displaying 4 decimal places to the right of the decimal point . Supported data types and values - Amazon QuickSight ( Numeric Data : Provides further explanation on what happens and how it is displayed. )



Hi @Koushik_Muthanna

Thank you!

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