How to change string to a date in quicksight

how to change the strings to date in quicksight using calculated fields if the format of the strings is this: yyyyMMddHHmm
I am trying to use parseDate but there is not a format for it so i was wondering if anyone knows a way to do it.
p.s im trying not to change the data type of the field from String to Date, just trying to accomplish this using calculated fields.

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I am using this file as my data source

you may edit the date format in the data preparation screen as below

then you can see below dashboard

@haider If you need to use a calculated field in your analysis, you can try this:

parseDate(concat(substring(datefield,1,4),‘-’,substring(datefield,5,2), ‘-’,substring(datefield,7,2),’ ‘,substring(datefield,9,2),’:',substring(datefield,11,2),‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm’))

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