How to Change table text

In the Example Z Y and B event codes all mean different things but come over in the data set that way.

Is there a way to say if Event Code = Z then it means say “Zebra” and so on and so forth. there are 22 different codes

Hi @aaron000000001 - One of the solution is create a calculate field using ifelse.
for example

ifelse(id = “A”, “Apple”, id = “B”, “Banana”, id = “C”, “Coconut”,id = “D”, “Dates”,id = “E”, “Extra”,id = “F”, “Fun”,id = “G”, “Gun”,“Others”)

where I have ids A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H

Then getting output as expected.

Hope this will help you.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Thanks a a lot that’s all I needed


@aaron000000001 Cool, I am glad your issue is resolved :grinning:

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I apologies Sanjeeb, I think I have the calculated field down now I guess I’m messing up the syntax attaching it to the field. They field event_code is what i’m trying to change

@aaron000000001 : You have to replace id by event_code … see the below sample example:

ifelse(event_code = “A”, “Apple”, event_code = “B”, “Banana”, event_code = “C”, “Coconut”,event_code = “D”, “Dates”,event_code = “E”, “Extra”,event_code = “F”, “Fun”,event_code = “G”, “Gun”,“Others”)

Regards - San