How to change the name of QuickSight Account

I have a quick question:

I created a QuickSight account and made a type error by giving it a name as BPost-QuickSite instread of BPost-QuickSight.
Didn’t see any option available to edit the QuickSight Account name.
Would be needing your help to edit the Account name.

Muhammad Yaseen


There is no way to change the account name once you have created it unfortunately. You would have to unsubscribe the account and then recreate it with the new name. I’ll mark this as a feature request for the future though

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Hi @lillie, do you know when this feature will be available, and it is possible to change the account name?

Our company merged with another company. Need Quicksight Account name change for this as well.

Would be nice if this feature can be provided!