How to change the scale of an axis?

Hello! I’m a new QS user and I’m having trouble adjusting the scale of my x-axis. I’m working with a 30 year data set and just want to set the visual to show dates in a 5 or 10 year interval. Currently, QS is applying its own scale (in 2 year intervals). I can’t seem to find an option for this in the filter, calculated field or any of the visual formatting options. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

Hello @brogers04 - Thank you for posting your query. Although you didn’t mention the chart type that you are using, but in general these types of options can be accessed via the Format Visual menu by clicking the small pencil icon of on the top right hand corner of the visual. For example, I have provided a sample snapshot of a Line chart on how you can tweak the settings to arrange the scale according to your choice. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further queries. Thank you!

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Hi @sagmukhe. Thank you for your response! I have tried this but what ends up happening if I change the data points from 50 (preset) to only 5, QS will show some of the dates and the remaining dates are added together into one column labeled “other”, it doesn’t evenly distribute the values over the entire time period and adjust the scale of the x axis.

@brogers04 Did you do it for X axis? The screenshot you provided suggests that it was perhaps not done for X axis. Can you please recheck and confirm? If you see my snapshot the settings that I applied was on X axis. Thanks much!

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I tried again and made sure I was changing the x-axis which updated the years, but it still just shows the last 5 years and totaled everything else into “other”.

@brogers04 - Ok, now I got your problem. So this is more of reducing the frequency of X Axis Labels. Unfortunately that is not a controllable parameter at this point of time. However, you can resize the Data Zoom (The Scroll bar) to adjust the portion that will be shown within the visual in case you want easy readability and focus from the users. Hope this helps! Anyway, Thank you for your query!

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