How to check for null values

Hi there, I want to search for a count where values are null.

I have a filter option and it doesn’t seem to return any values. I believe I can achieve this using calculated function but I am trying to avoid that.

ifelse(isNull(firstdepositamount), 1, 0)

Hello @boss, is there a reason you do not want to use the calculated field that you mentioned? In the documentation for the count function in QuickSight, it says Null values are omitted from the results.

Due to that, I think the calculated field will be the best way to get the total number of null values for the firstdepositamount field.

Hello @boss, I wanted to check in and see if my response helped resolve your QuickSight question. Have you made any progress fixing this error or did you end up utilizing the calculated field?

Hello @boss, since we have not received a response from you on this question, I am going to mark my initial response as a solution. I believe the calculated field will be the best way to obtain the result you are looking for. If you have another question about this topic, or a new QuickSight question, please post a new question in the community so you will be at the top of the priority list for a response from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you!