How to check who has used my dashboard


Is there a way to see how many people have seen and used my dashboard? Thank you!

Hi @Cristina_Aviles_de_C
are you using embedded?

Hi! Sorry not sure what that is, but for reference this is the dashboard i created:

Hi @Cristina_Aviles_de_C
we can not access your company dashboard.
But as owner of a dashboard you should the dashboard is shared with.

Is there a way i can see who has accessed it?

You can use AWS Cost and Usage Reports to find out.


It seems like those reports are only available for AWS employees, but I work in the Retail department. Is there no way to check how many people have seen or used a dashboard in quicksight? Thank you!

@Cristina_Aviles_de_C -
You can deploy an Admin Dashboard to get an understanding of who has viewed your dashboard plus a number of other metrics. This blog has details on how to deploy as well as a link to an Interactive Admin Dashboard Demo so you can see what metrics will be available.


I’m not an AWS employee so I don’t have an AWS account. Is there a way for a retail employee to check this? Thanks!