How to compare the numbers in each columns automatically and show some icons before the numbers?

Hello! I’m trying to transfer a report from PowerBI to Quicksight, and I want to accomplish some functions in Quicksight as well as PowerBI.

In PowerBI we can show the changes of tendency of the numbers like this:
we can write some queries in PowerBI to make the icons show in front of the numbers, but how to do this in Quicksight?
(There is a function “conditional formatting” we can use to add icons in reports in Quicksight but we can just add some basic functions like if the number equals to 0.9 than show in green color etc etc)

Could you please help me to solve this or some suggestions about this?

There is the option “Add icon” in the conditional formatting. With this you get the same look as in your picture.


Thanks Thomask! But in this field I can only edit the condition like this:

We can just set up a value and compare the column we choose with the value, but what I want is to compare the metrics between different columns, eg: total number on week1 is 200, on week2 is 300, so there should be an :arrow_up: in front of 300, then if the number of week3 is 100, then there should be an :arrow_down: in front of 100.
If it’s possible to accomplish it in Quicksight?


Then you have to create a calaculated field, that calculates the differences.

In the conditional formatting, you can choose the column, on which the formatting should be based on. There you can choose the calculated difference. You dont need to insert this column in your table, it is only used in the formatting.

Thanks!! I will have a try! Thanks for your solution :grin: