How to configure embeded analytics in the existing OKTA-Cognito enabled app?

I have an app already OKTA-cognito SSO enabled and have been using for a while. We are iframing Tableau dashboard there but the plan is to replace those with QuickSight embedding.

Now, since tutorial/workshop is using OIDC example,I’m not 100% sure what I need to do to make this happen.

  • User doesn’t need to hit at all.
  • User won’t have access QuickSight icon/button from Okta portal either
  • Only way, for now, to access QuickSight for user, they just need to open the app page which will iFrame visual there. ( Since the user is on the app, that means the user is already authenticated. So, to open Quicksight visual, the user shouldn’t need to be prompted with a login popup/redirect again )

In this requirement, my first question is whether I still need to configure Identity Provider under IAM section or not.

As I’ve already been using cognito with OKTA, do I still need to create a new Role for identity federation ?


Read this document it may help you :slight_smile: Set Up Okta as an OIDC identity provider in an Amazon Cognito user pool


OKTA integration with cognito userpool is already there and working.

Now I want to add Quicksight there. I see that I need to create a new role, and I need to add IdP config under IAM . I am not sure this is needed in my case

I have the same question, did you find a solution?

Thank you!